We are happy to invite you to be part of the first Photoresk Brussels Book Project. This is the chance to show your work and present it to the world!

Create something that lasts. Forever. To give to your friends. Get it out when you look back on your time in Brussels… the people you’ve met and the things you’ve seen. Very personal. Your view and your pictures among the pictures from friends. Some may even become famous one day.

The book will be a nice café-table size of 20x20cm. Perfect to hold and show, but still small enough to take it with you on a trip. The print will be in elegant black and white. The book will be on sale for a moderate price.

How does it work?
You submit your inputs. Up to three photos. About Brussels. Anything. A jury will decide which photos will be published. The book layout will be created and we may contact you for details about your work.
The books will go in the print-on-demand process and can be ordered directly from the store. The price will depend on various factors, but we try to stay moderate, probably around 29€ for this fine book.

Submission for Book #1 is closed now. No worries, it will not be the last.

Submission will close on 31st of March 2016.

Target-date extension until 7. April
After getting some (and very reasonable) requests, asking for target-date extensions we have decided to give you one more week to submit your input!
Even you had to re-arrange your plans during the last days due to the very sad things that happened here in Brussels, now you have enough time (until midnight the 7. April), allowing you to carefully choose and submit your input.

Photoresk Book #1 – Brussels through Our Lens will be published by a print-on-demand service. We will do the best effort for a high quality and ecological print.
How much?
The price will depend on various factors, such as paper, print quality and the number of pages. Currently we estimate a moderate price of ca. 29€
After receiving all submissions, we will start the layout process and co-ordinate with the print shop. You will be notified as soon as the book is available. There will be a discount for volume orders.
Is there any risk? Not for you. There is no pre-payment required. In the worst case (not enough submissions) the project would be cancelled.

Photoresk Book #1 – Brussels through Our Lens will be the unique start and may even become a collector’s item.

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