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Photoresk® - Brussels Photography

Visit "Brussels Photo Festival" after a little walk

Saturday we meet shortly after lunch and start with a short walk to place Chatelain where we will see the "Photo Brussels Festival" at Hangar Art Center. There will be about 200 photographs on show by both emerging and established photographers. After the exhibition we will gather somewhere around place Chatelain where we can that about what we've seen.

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Photoresk Photography Meetup Aachen

Erstes Kennenlern-Meetup

Soooo... Erstmal danke, dass ihr beigetreten seid und uns unterstützt. Wir wollen uns nun ein erstes Mal treffen und uns alle mal kennen lernen. Bringt dazu bitte eure Kamera mit - und natürlich viel Gute Laune.

Wir werden uns zusammen über bereits gemachte Bilder austauschen und über evtl. Wunschmotive.

Zudem werden wir eine Liste mit möglichen Themen für die nächsten Meetups mit hoffentlich vielen Ideen füllen.

Wir treffen uns um 17:30 vor Photo Preim am Elisenbrunnen.

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Photoresk Photography Meetup Aachen

International photo Meetup right here in Aachen! Auch auf Deutsch! 🙂

Invitation to an international photography meet-up!
We are building an international community of photography enthusiasts and Photography Meetup Aachen will be part of it. 
Come and join our first international meetup where also groups from the Cologne and Brussels Photoresk groups will come next Sunday to Aachen!

Einladung nach einen MeetUp in Aachen - wir sprechen Englisch, Deutsch, und vielleicht noch andere Sprache.

This could be a great opportunity to get to know more photographers. Brussels group: Cologne group:

In the late afternoon, we will gather in a cafe to share our photos and refresh ourselves. Schliesslich, treffen wir uns im Cafe oder Kneippe, dass wir quatschen können.

PS If you have already RSVP'd with one of the other groups, there is no need to RSVP again. Look forward to seeing you!

Suggested route:
here a suggestion for a possible route we could take:
- Hbf
- Marschiertor
- Aachen-Münchener
- Kapuziner Karree
- Theater Aachen
- Elisenbrunnen
- Aachener Dom
- Krämerstraße
- Rathaus/Markt
- RWTH Zentrum (e.g. via Augustinerplatz, Karmanstraße) Hauptgebäude, SuperC
- Pontstraße mit Ponttor (here we may stop for a coffee)
from here we may return by bus to Hbf or by taking the train from Aachen West

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Photoresk Photography Meetup Aachen

Take photos of 'lost tanks' in the woods

Let's get together for a wander through the woods where some old tanks have been abandoned. This is part of the 'Westwall' or Siegfried Line from the second world war. We will make a loop (medium walk), taking our time to get lots of excellent images.

We will meet at 15.00 - waiting about 10 minutes to anyone coming from the bus stop to find us - at the spot marked 'A' on the map.

To get to the meeting point by public transport there are the bus Lines 25 and 125 ( They go from Vaals to Stolberg, stopping at Aachen Schanz Bf (RE4 from Düsseldorf), Aachen Bushof and Aachen Rothe Erde Bf (RE1 and RE9 from Köln).

The weather should be a little less hot than this week, but still warm. Please bring water to drink along the way. And don't forget your photo equipment!

About the Siegfried Line

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Photoresk Photography Meetup Aachen

Golden hour and blue hour photography

Let's meet up just before sunset and during the blue hour in the Stadtgarten, and see what interesting images we can create!

Think about bringing fast lenses and playing with bokeh (the appearance of the out-of-focus parts of your photo). Tripods could be useful. Let's explore!

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Photoresk Photography Meetup Aachen

Excursion to Maastricht!

Let's explore Maastricht in the Netherlands! Beautiful, historic, busy, and only an hour by Arriva bus 350 from Aachen!

We will meet in the afternoon, explore a bit, and perhaps take the time for a photo exhibition in one of the museums. Sunset should be a little after 5pm, so we also have time for the Golden Hour and hopefully a bit of Blue Hour.

Although 1 November is a holiday in Germany, it is not a holiday in the Netherlands, meaning the city will be bustling as usual.

At the end of the day, we will gather for a coffee or drink and to see what photos we managed to create.

Looking forward to it!

PS. Anyone coming by bus (or train, which is less direct) could use the Euregio ticket for 1 or two people:

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Photoresk Photography Meetup Aachen

The Aachen Christmas market during the blue hour

Let's get together and take some pictures of the blue hour, lights, and people setting up for the Christmas market. (The market itself is only open from 18.00 till 21.00 on that first Sunday.)
Sunset is at 4.40pm, so the blue hour will be directly after.

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Photoresk Photography Meetup Aachen

Looking at each other's photos

A great MeetUp hosted by Ben!

Hi everyone, I would like to make a meet-up for "photo-talk" in Aachen. It will be announced in both the Aachen and Cologne Photoresk groups, so please RSVP 'yes' in only one group.

The event is to show our work to others and share our ideas and thoughts. I am sure it will be very interesting to see and share our work with our meet up members. Indeed until this very day, we have been working very hard to take photos. Now it's time to show our great pieces.

1. Aim
- Appreciating the works of various people
- Learn the thoughts, perspectives, and considerations about others' photos
- Check other people's review on your photos
- Learn the photo skills, techniques, features and environments used in photography
- Socializing

2. Preparation
- Cost for drinks (This is a room rent requirement. There are also tea and non-alcohol drinks.)
- If you want to participate in the presentation, please prepare 2 ~ 4 pieces of your work in advance and send me a message or email ([masked]) on the day or the day before the presentation. (It does not have to be the original or a big sized file, but it must be *your* work.)
- If you don't have such a work to present, do think about taking some before the meetup! 😉 Submitting photos is not a requirement to participate. In fact, the bigger the audience, the better. If you have no photos to show, you can just come to engage in the discussion about what makes a good photo.

3. Meeting point
On 12. Oct (Saturday) 6: 30-8: 30 pm at the Cafe Zuhause (Sandkaulstraße 109/111, 52062 Aachen)

4. Program
- 6:30-7:00 Greetings and introductions
- 7:00-8:00 Photo-talk (presentation)
After a brief look at randomly arranged photos, the owners briefly introduce their photos to the others (e.g. why you want to show them, how you evaluate them, what stories can be told, etc.)
The number of presentations will be adjusted according to the number of people gathered for proper time distribution. (around 30 pieces will be introduced).
- 8:00-8:30 Q&A on each of the pictures that impressed you, giving a review, exchange opinions on the work

5. Transportation
A bus stop to the Hbf is about 5 minutes away from the pub. it takes 10 mins to the train station by bus. The direct trains to Cologne comes at 20:51, 21:51, 22:51 and 23:51, 00:51.

Please note!
As the number of people who can show their photos is limited, and as we have to buy drinks to encourage the cafe to rent to us again, please be sure to only RSVP if you are able to join (and update your RSVP if your plans change).
If you simply don't show up, it may affect your ability to participate in future limited-seat events.

A 'beamer' projector will be used to show the photos, but do be aware that light may enter through the window during the presentation, and the screen may not of the best quality. It's all for fun, and what an opportunity!

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Photoresk - Cologne/Köln Photography

Medieval Christmas market in Siegburg / exhibition

We have an hour to take photos around Siegburg and then let's check out the medieval Christmas market. We should be able to catch the jugglers, the blue hour, and some of the market by candle light. There is a blacksmith and a basket maker, and lots more. Here's a link to the Siegburg Christmas market : (scroll down to find a link to an English-language page if you prefer).

It is Totensonntag so the market will be only open from 6pm until 8pm - meaning there might be few crowds and lots of good opportunities for shots.

Siegburg is about 25 minutes from Cologne HBf on S12 or S19, or the Regional Express to Siegen. It is less than 25 minutes from Bonn HBf on line 66. From there, a 5-minute walk will bring you to the Zeitraum, and a few minutes more to the marketplace.

Come a half hour early to see my exhibition 😉
We can meet at the Zeitraum, where some of my photos will be exhibited that weekend, and then move on to the center of town with the old church and then to the marketplace where the medieval activities will be taking place. The building is marked 'Diakonie', opposite Zeeman.

The meeting point is about five minutes' walk from the station (line 66 from Bonn or various trains from Cologne), and the market a few hundred meters further on.

See you then!

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Photoresk - Berlin Photography

Autumn colors and tropical heat

Beautiful trees and colourful leaves
Interested in photographing the yellows, oranges and reds of the leaves? If yes, you'll have to hurry before the wind blows everything away. Autumn spreads it's decent colors everywhere. But one place is even more special. It is the Späth-Arboretum of Humboldt-University Berlin, the tree collection.

Outside, there are so many different types of trees which you will rarely see arranged like this anywhere in the world!

Not enough, the  greenhouse with its  variety of plants is also worth a visit.

After the visit to the park / greenhouse we will get together for a coffee or drink to discuss what we've seen and other pjtography related issues.

What to know
The entry fee for the garden is only 1€.

What to bring
So, bring of course your camera, if you have, your macro and zoom equipment and whatever you may need for landscape AND close-ups. Of course, we will discuss, ask and explain as we go. Don't worry, if you don't have a special photo gear. I have seen stunning pictures which were taken with an instamatic.

What we will do
Supposably we will be a good mix of experts and beginners sharing the same passion and don't forget: there is always someone who knows something which all the others don't know. We also will have a small challenge for the excitement 😉

What if
We can expect the weather condition will be perfect for that day, we will meet in any case and in case its raining, there is also the greenhouse.

How to get there
By public transport: U7 till Blaschkoallee from there Bus 170 direction Baumschulenweg, get off at Baumschulenweg/ Königsheideweg

By car: use your SatNav / GPS 😉

If you have any questions, please contact the organizer or start a discussion.


What else
Attending the meetup is free but if you liked it and feel like, you may make a little donation (maybe between one and five euro) after the meetup (pay-as-you-can-and-liked-it). This will help to prepare and run future great Photoresk Meetups, tutorials and Workshops

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Photoresk - Berlin Photography

Let's take our cameras and have a stoll over the Christmas Marked(s)

Street photography , decoration, people pre-celebrating, low and colourful light and what else to spot on a Christmas market?

Everybody seems to be already hyper-busy those days before Christmas.

Calm down this Sunday, grep your camera gear and enjoy the  Happy-Shuttercounts photo-stroll at the at two Christmas-Markets!

Even we are meeting just in front of a very nice marked, we will keep a visit for  for later and have a walk to the Kollwitzplatz first.
We will see the Advents-Ökomarkt, returning for a stroll to the Lucia Weihnachsmarkt later. A nice opportunity for taking beautiful pictures but also for photography related chats and the exchange of knowledge.

For sure we will also have the opportunity to grab one or another glühwein and have some food.

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Photoresk - Cannes Photography

Cannes discovery

This city has so much to offer beyond the "Cannes for tourists", the glam and the chic. We will have a nice stroll through the old parts of Cannes,  the parts of the local people and local life. As we go we will discover places, people, life and capture moments in the wonderful changing Mediterranean light. Of course, we also will exchange our knowledge to improve our photography skills.

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Photoresk - Cannes Photography

Open windows on Mougins

Dear all,
Mougins is famous for its artists and its beautiful village.
I suggest that we visit both Photographic exhibits (Erwan Morere at the Photography museum and the Robert Doisneau exhibit at the Espace Culturel).
We could also walk around, and shoot pictures of windows, home openings to the outside.
For the most advanced Happy Shuttercounts, we could try black-and-white pictures, like Erwan Morere.

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Photoresk - Cannes Photography

Open windows on photographic exhibits in Mougins

Dear all,

Mougins is famous for its artists and its beautiful village. I suggest that we visit two beautiful temporary Photographic exhibits which are ending soon:

• Erwan Morere at the Photography museum, 

Robert Doisneau exhibit at the Espace Culturel.

We will also walk around, and shoot pictures of windows, home openings to the outside.
For the most advanced Happy Shuttercounts, we could try black-and-white pictures, like Erwan Morere.

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Photoresk - Cannes Photography

Festival de la photographie méditerranéenne

Dear all,

Currently there is an interesting Photography festival in Nice (see website here): many small exhibits around Nice. The Festival is at its 15th edition with this year the desire to renew, not to impose a theme nor put a barrier between photographic genres.

Nice is also a beautiful city, so we'll take our camera's with us, and shoot some pictures between exhibits (indeed there will be a good walk around, and obviously one or two drinks to rest as well).

We will either meet in Cannes, and go all together to Nice with my car, or meet directly there. I'll organise this once I will know who will join (you can either post your preference on the forum of this event or private-message me).


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Photoresk - Cannes Photography

Drink to meet-up 🙂

Dear all,
With the winter coming, days are shorter and more wet; it is therefore more difficult to organise outdoor shootings.
However, let's have a drink (apéro), so we can meet, chat, exchange our photo experiences, develop ideas for taking pictures/visiting exhibits next year, and enjoy the evening.
See you Tuesday,

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