Photography is our passion, so Photoresk is here for you!

We have already launched a virtual Meetup over the last days, so let’s continue to take pictures and learn from each other these days! A few of us have come up with some suggestions to do just that, whilst being safe and doing our bit so that this is over as soon as possible.

We need your support to understand who is interested in what so we can move forward. What does everyone think of these ideas?

  1. Webinars, e.g. photo processing, how to use your camera at home, other topics;

(see also

  1. Roundtables / small tutorials, e.g. how  do people catalogue (or not ;D) their photos. Possibility for members to show their cataloguing systems – this will only be possible in small numbers;
  2. Tour around the ‘Photoresk world’: let’s build a sequence of photos by selecting the country of origin and neighbouring ones. For each shot, the participant would (i) describe the story of the item; or (ii) explain the reason for taking the shot / provide a small narrative explaining the picture;
  3. Any other ideas you might have.

At this stage, we are trying to gather what is interesting to you, and we will come back to you with more details on the activities soon!

For now, let us have your thoughts by posting a comment here or as PM by Sunday 28 March at noon.

You can comment through one of these sites:

    1. Meet up:
    2. Facebook:
    3. Photoresk website:                           Please leave your thoughts here.

Stay safe and … focused :)


Silvia, Rosa and Claus

That’s Us – Photoresk

PHOTORESK – The friendly meetup group for everybody who is interested in photography from beginners to professionals. Join NOW – it’s free!


We explore. We share. We enjoy. With impact. Our International Photography Group – Photoresk – welcomes photographers and photo enthusiasts of all walks of life and skill levels to join our meet-up club. We bring beginner, amateur, semi-pro and professional photographers together in a friendly atmosphere to share one common interest, the love of taking pictures. We have something for everyone who loves photography: travel, people, landscapes, close-ups, you name it, there will be a chance to discover it!

Photoresk For You:
  • Learn about photography
  • Practice and improve your photography skills and have fun shooting different themes
  • Share information and tips on photography, post processing as well as printing
  • Come to our walks and join our excursions
  • Discover exciting new locations
  • Share and discuss your beautiful images
  • Compete in friendly contests where you can showcase your work
  • Enjoy presentations from members and/or guest speakers
  • Find like-minded friends from all parts of the world
  • Support the social and environmental activities of Photoresk
New ideas and suggestions to improve the group are always welcome. It's a joint effort to make the activities interesting, fun and engaging.

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PHOTORESK - The friendly meetup group for everybody who is interested in photography from beginners to professionals.

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